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/hed-on-ik/adj 1: of, relating to, or characterized by pleasure.
As applied to our business...we take this to mean the pleasure of owning a unique, tested, high quality product from HEDONICS Catalogue.

Brief History
Upon discovering so many extraordinary products available around the world but not sold in Canada or North America, HEDONICS™ was established as a Direct Merchant in 1984 to provide a marketplace where these unique product innovations could be showcased and offered for sale.
What We Do
Hedonics publishes seasonal catalogues featuring the best of the latest life enhancing products for business, leisure and personal care. In addition to our catalogue which is distributed primarily across Canada and North America, we also offer many of our products for purchase through our website www.hedonics.com. Many items are shipped directly from our Toronto warehouse.
"From Our Store to Your Door"
We all suffer from "time poverty". Our hectic lives tend to be too stressful without the additional frustration of a negative shopping experience. That is why one of our primary goals is to simplify your life. We specialize in getting you the product you want right to your front door - without the hassle of going anywhere to get it.
2015 - Our 31st Anniversary Year… and Beyond
As we progress through our 31st year, we continue striving to introduce the newest, most exciting products we can find to enhance your day to day living - before anyone else. Our website is being constantly improved - and we're growing to meet your needs. Our product selection is varied and unique. And our customers have consistently rated our service as excellent. But we're not stopping there - we're working hard to improve even more! As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions as to how we may further improve our service, product selections and corporate practices.

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Unique Products To Enhance Your Life!

Magnifying Watch
Keep a 5X Optical Viewer Handy
RFID Protection
Stainless Steel Wallets

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