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Cedar Oil Closet Enhancer

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Made Of PURE Cedarwood & Cedarleaf Oils

Banish moths, spiders, ants and other creepy crawly things from your home with just a few sprays of this natural insect repellent. Perfect for pet beds too. Use it to renew and revitalize anything made of cedar.

Designed and formulated for everyday living... and tested against all levels of consumer acceptance as to smell and aroma.

The final formulation of the Cedar Oil Enhancer was the result of a six-month test with a series of closed rooms resulting in the stronger, (almost overwhelming for some), Cedar aroma being toned down while retaining the original strength of the formula.

The end result, of course, is to naturally prevent moths from nesting and devouring your fine wools and other fabrics; along with repelling spiders, ants and other insects. For insects, simply spray it around windows, doorways, baseboards, etc.

Use it to renew and revitalize tired Cedar Wood Closets and drawers, Cedar Wood hanging strips, hangars or balls... simply spray it on your closet walls or even on cotton balls that are then placed in clothing drawers or storage bags.


This final formulation contains pure Virginiana, as well as Texicana Cedarwood and Cedar Leaf Oils....with our purity pledge to you.

Just a few sprays throughout your closets and Termites, Moths and all those Creepy Crawly things will hit the road.

Available in twin packs of (2) 8 oz. bottles, as well as economy 1-Gallon bottles.

#11001 Cedar Oil Closet Enhancer

NOTE: ** Even though our products are 100 % natural and environmentally safe, and although allergic reactions are rare, it is NOT recommended for use on very small pets such as: Hamsters, Gerbils, Rodents, Guinea Pigs, Spiders, Tarantulas, Snakes and many other small animals. For these small animals, consult your veterinarian for more appropriate methods. Only to be used on humans, horses, cattle, dogs and cats (older than 6 months of age). Misuse of this product may cause people and /or animals to cough or have an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is very important that you read the safety study and follow the application instructions.
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