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9 Port Surge Protector

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9 Port Surge Protection and More!

While most power bars have up to 6 ports for powering up devices, here's a new surge protector with a full 9 ports available to help organize your power plugs. Featuring 3150 joules of surge protection it prevents damage to electrical equipment from surges including lightning, company switching, etc. and helps eliminate electrical noise which interferes with data transmission. Features child safety covers as each outlet has a sliding slot cover, convenient Phone/Modem Connector to help protects Direct Broadcast Satellite Systems.

Most of us do not realize that the actual Surge Protection in these devices is consumed over time and that the operating Life Cycle of surge protectors varies greatly depending on stability of power source. This new power protector features a built-in indicator that alerts you when the surge protection has run out. As added protection for your expensive equipment, a RED Surge indicator LED lights to show the surge protection is in full force; when this is not illuminated, surge protection has expired and all outlets will no longer provide no power, and it is time to replace power bar. 45 degree flat angle plug

#11524 9 Port Surge Protections
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