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ImageBox MF Scanner

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Save Those Memories!

Convert Film, Slides and 4x6" Photos into Digital Format

Turn your 35mm film & slides, 4 x 6" colour or Black 7 white photos and Polaroids (before they fade) into digital format in no time with the easy to use ImageBox MF. It's as simple as taking a digital photo. You get easy film/slide and photo scanning equivalent to super-sharp 9 MP resolution, (2400dpi for 35mm film & slides, 560dpi for 4"x 6" (10x 15cm) photo prints). Features full, real-time colour preview with a clear 2.7" TFT LCD display panel, even before conversion. Built-in proprietary colour technology ensures no over-saturation or under exposure. And Magic Touch dust and scratch removal technology also ensures clean images

A convenient flip top design allow easy placement of any size photos - from passport size to 4"x 6"prints with auto crop function. Accommodates 35mm film strip and mounted slides; 120mm film. (Positive or negative, color or monochrome)

Includes quick installation guide, USB 2.0 Cable, TV out cable, AC adapter, media holders: one 35mm film holder, one 35mm mounted slide holder, one 120mm film template. Measures 9.9 x 9.2 x 7.2 inch (252 x 234 x 183 mm ) and weighs 4.86 lbs.

Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8, USB 2.0 port or Mac OS X (10.4 and up) when copying images to computer.

#14503 ImageBox MF
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ImageBox MF
Convert Film, Slides and 4x6" Photos into Digital Format

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