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Spine Worx

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Relieve Back Pressure the Easy Way!

Designed by a chiropractor, Spine-Worx™ is the natural way to gently relieve back pain and built up tension from stressed muscles in spasm that twist and pinch spinal nerves causing radiating discomfort and chronic pain up and down your spine, neck and pelvis.

Spine-Worx offers a simple, natural back support system with two cushioned pressure rails that focus concentrated pressure to the muscles that rest on either side of the cushioned center spine channel. These pressure rails allow the natural pressure of your own body weight to gently focus against stressed muscle thereby releasing tension and easing your spinal vertebrae back into proper alignment.

At first, you may find that laying down on two cushioned rails is rather uncomfiortable, especially when your back muscles are in spasm. However, it is this very act of applied pressure that gently eases out the muscle knots and spasms to help you relax.

And as you relax on Spine-Worx, your spine is always supported and cushioned firmly between the length of these two cushioned contour rails, designed to fit the natural shape of the mid and lower back. By releasing built up pressure, muscles relax removing the pressure that pinches and subluxates (forces vertebrae out of position) the spine allowing the pressure on the vertebrae to gently ease as they realign into their natural positions, which helps to relieve back pain and improve overall mobility.
Not recommended for those with osteoporosis, fused vertebrae and women who are pregnant.

#WP256 Spine-Worx
DELIVERY Surcharge may apply dependent on area.

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