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Ways to Order:


On-Line – Anytime -24/7:

The most convenient way to order – whenever you choose.
Simply select any item click, on either the picture or "more info", on the selected product page you will find an "add to basket" banner just below the price and quantity field.
By clicking on this, you will place your selection into your shopping basket.
After you have filled your cart with the desired items, complete the required information and submit the order electronically. Within 24 hours, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation that your order has been received. Our systems are equipped to safeguard your order and your personal information.

TELEPHONE – Credit Card Only:

Monday thru Friday 10am –3pm EST
Canada Plus: - 1-800-387-5533
Mail – Credit Card, Cheque or Money Order:
Go to the Mail Order Form and follow the instructions. Please remember to include your method of payment with your order – and double-check the total (including delivery and applicable taxes) before sending the payment.
RESERVE Order by Phone
– Credit Card Only:
Call us, give us your order as you would for delivery
(including credit card number for product reservation), and we will be happy to hold your product for preferred shipping. We always do our best to accommodate but due to product demand or during busy times, we will be limited in the length of time we can reserve an item.
5 Methods of Payment:
Depending on how you order, we accept the following:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Money Order
  • Cheque
We do not send COD, accept Purchase Orders, or invoice with terms.
All orders must be pre-paid.

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