Super SOFT Memory Foam  Wedge Cushion

Super SOFT Memory Foam Wedge Cushion

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       SUPER SOFT MEMORY FOAM Wedge Cushion

While our popular TUSH CUSH Cushions have enjoyed years of popularity due to their VERY DENSE, FIRM foam cushion material, we have also heard from others who do prefer the comfort of a MUCH SOFTER seat cushion and find our regular seat cushions too firm!
For these customers. we have a LIMITED STOCK of these custom made, SOFTER, Memory Foam seat cushions available AND even though Memory Foam is MORE expensive, we have a limited special buy on these in dark blue. Measures 17W x 13.5D x 3H".  #VSoft121 ~ Reg $69.99, THESE Special SALE SOFT Stock are just ~$29.00 each ~ Del $20.00