From Our Store to Your Door for 39 Years!

hed-on-ik/adj 1: of, relating to, or characterized by pleasure.
As applied to our business, we have always taken this to mean the pleasure of owning a unique and tested, high quality product from HEDONICS Catalogue. After discovering so many extraordinary products available in other countries but not sold in Canada, HEDONICS was established as a national Direct Merchant in 1984 to provide a marketplace where these unique innovative products could be showcased and offered for purchase by Canadians.

Over 32 of our 39 years, Hedonics published millions of printed seasonal catalogues and e-catalogues featuring the best of the latest life enhancing products for business, leisure and personal care. And while our retail operations and past catalogue distributions across Canada have been discontinued, we still offer a much smaller selection of products for purchase through our reduced and currently being redeveloped website Hedonics.com.

For the hundreds of thousands of customers who have shopped with us over the years, we have appreciated your taking time to visit, view and purchase products through our web, print and retail offerings. Your repeated testimonials and comments regarding our "REALLY REALLY NEAT STUFF" and your appreciation of our broad array of exceptional, useful and unusual items from around the world have warmed and sustained us over the years. "Quality First, Price Second", still hold true!

Given a changing marketplace, ever-more competitive retailers and Free Shipping along with more look-alike and knock-off products in the marketplace, sometimes at lower prices and unfortunately, too often of lower quality, the demand for our leading edged, quality products has waned. Most all of us have heard of the old adages: "Cheap is cheap" and "You get what you pay for"; this is now more of a day to day reality. Since we continually strive to ensure that our customers receive value for their dollar, our testing, evaluation and product selection process focuses primarily on quality relative to price to ensure that we offer high quality items that you will appreciate through the years.

As such, as mentioned on our home page, we have elected not to feature products where our loyal customers might pay a premium for the same items available elsewhere for less. Further, we have also partnered with and featured our own items with other retailers such as Amazon.ca, as well as redirecting customers elsewhere for better pricing. While we have significantly scaled back our operations, we are still seeking high quality, unique products that are reasonably priced relative to quality. These scaled back operations will continue for the foreseeable future, with us reaching out to you only when and if we consider something of worthwhile merit. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions as to how we may further improve our service and corporate practices.

Our approach has been based on the premise that we all suffer from "time poverty". Our increasingly hectic lives already tend to be too stressful without the additional frustration of a negative shopping experience. That is why one of our primary goals has been to simplify your life. We have specialized in getting you the product you want right to your front door - without the hassle of going anywhere to get it.

Please accept our heartfelt THANK YOU for your years of patronage!