Since our last Fall 2011 printed issue, you may have noticed a significant scaling down and reduction of our new product introductions as well as VIP offers.

This reflects changes in North American product distribution which have resulted in dramatic shifts across the Canadian retail landscape with the resulting benefit of lower product pricing for many consumers. As such, we have elected not to feature products where our loyal customers might pay a premium for the same items available elsewhere for less. Further, we have also attempted to partner with and featured our own items with other retailers such as Amazon.ca, as well as redirecting customers elsewhere for better pricing.

While we have significantly scaled back our operations, we are still seeking high quality, unique products that are reasonably priced relative to quality. These scaled back operations will continue for the foreseeable future, with us reaching out to you only when and if we consider something of worthwhile merit.

Currently, you may be on our approved email list, should you wish to reconfirm your desire to remain on it, kindly reconfirm this at Sales@Hedonics.com Or, to remove your name, reach us at CustomerService@Hedonics.com